Free service enables users to manage complete online presence, including all social-media streams, from one website they own

hola-spanish-release The newest way to connect online is not through a single social-media app—it's all of them combined, and more. UNO Social Site™ is a revolutionary new service through which anyone can claim and name their own .uno website, and quickly build an online personality utilizing all the social-media feeds they already use and love—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and dozens more. UNO's online tools also allow users to upload their own content, from resumes to videos, and create their own posts for a digital social life that is greater than the sum of its social-media parts.

Registration is completely free and available immediately at

"What distinguishes UNO from any other social-media platform out there is that it's your own website, your own top-line address that you control, and through which you can manage your complete online social presence," says UNO Tech's John-Paul Giago, who can be found at "It's not some account or profile, some subpage of someone else's site. You own it, you decide how to use it, you get the clicks."

Updating in real time, an UNO Social Site™ is a one-stop-shop - one place for all of a user's posts, tweets, chats, links, photos, and videos, or "whatever you damn well please",  as well as any other content generated on other apps or directly through UNO's interface. The registration and site-building process takes as little as two minutes and is completely free.

An UNO Social Site™ is also an anchor in an ever-swirling social-media sea, Giago explains. "Right now, registration is pegged to Facebook, but that can and will change as apps rise and fall," he says. "You will always control what streams through your site and from which apps. So no matter the hot social-media platform of the day, your UNO Social Site™ site is the only portal you'll need."  

About UNO Tech LLC
UNO Tech LLC is a leader in online innovation dedicated to helping consumers gain and maintain control of their intellectual property, online, without concerns over ever-changing data usage policies, third-party information sharing, or demographic profiling.  UNO Tech LLC provides the necessary platform for consumers to manage their property, their way, all in a one-stop-shop.  Their top-notch developers stay on the cutting edge of technology, prepared to advance with the times as new applications are introduced to the ever-changing online social-media library.  

For more information, or to register for your UNO Social Site™, please visit

Media Contact: John Paul Giago, UNO Tech, LLC, 816-882-4462,